Expertise as Solutions for Custom Problems
Xynon augments results and solves problems for actors in specialized fields

Xynon brings extensive experience in applying artificial intelligence to the financial markets. We can help asset managers, hedge funds, private equity firms, and other investors find sources of alpha, whether through helping create decision systems of the highest sophistication or locating new data sources to augment decision making. We bring with us experience of the financial and investing industries, to ensure that we can provide the perfect solutions and services to the needs of even the most sophisticated market actors.

On a technical level, Xynon offers refuge from petabytes of low-signal data, incompatible systems, and low-level data management, where traditional tools can’t keep up and serve their functions at the edge and at scale.

We provide expertise integrating legacy internal and external systems, structured and unstructured data, and supplementing it with market and alternative information. With a computable platform, organizations can make better decisions and encode business processes to improve performance. Empower your teams with meaningful and timely alerts, better expectations for risk, and custom insights for your chosen strategy and area.

Xynon can integrate financial and economic data, geography, satellite image analysis (or other image feature extraction), natural language processing, and multi-dimensional analysis to reveal insights that are relevant to your organization. Enterprise data sources, unstructured text, consumer credit card transactions, and more can create powerful predictive models for your business.

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