Al Decision Support Tool for Professional Investors and Advisors

Trusted to Manage over $4 Billion in Assets and Counting


The market has a lot to say. Is cash king? Do investors value earnings growth? Looking across stocks, you can see how investors assess value today.


Respond quicly to earnings reports. Identify important accounting that may be driving value and risk. Discover investment ideas across different economic sectors and broader horizons.


Clean information signals with low external sentiment, to allow for objective, unbiased and resilient decision making to call you own.

Financial Data Science
Machines to Estimate value and Risk

  • Base level

    Physical Supply Chain

    Xynon collects accounting and financial data from many sources and evaluates investment ratings using many models. Our dataset includes prices, earnings, expenses, liabilities, and other data from 10-Ks and 10 Q-s, as well as thounsands of other metrics.

  • Level 1

    Data Harmonization

    Xynon provides a long term-fundamental value targeting quarterly perfomance, where expected return are conctantly adjusted for risk volatility.

  • Level 2

    Data Models

    Data volumes have reached such and speed that humans are now unable to value stocks on the necessary basis, along with the uncertainty of including all relevant information, Xynon automates these tasks for you, ensuring the best division of laours and allocation of resources.

  • Level 3

    Cognitive Applications

    Computationally objective ratings reflect the best expectations and the balance between risk/return, broadly defined and measured. These can then be delivered on a rolling basis every 10 minutes during the trading day.

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