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About Us

Xynon brings together fund managers specializing in AI and alternative data to help financial firms manage the transition to a world driven by algorithmic investment.

Xynon also excels at providing services across the AI and data landscape to all participants in financial markets, bringing two decades of experience at marrying discretionary investment with the most sophisticated technical approaches.

Meet our Team

  • Shantanu Jha

    A seasoned technologist with over ten years of experience applying pure mathematics to problems of artificial intelligence, Shantanu co-founded Beaconsfield Capital Management as well as the distributed computer vision firm Vahan AI. He started his career in private equity and mergers and acquisitions before doubling down on his passion for applying innovative technologies to seemingly intractable problems.

  • Dan Von Kohorn

    Dan has been a founder, CEO, CTO, developer, director, and investor. He has participated in dozens of software ventures and is a lifelong fintech quant. He loves data, machine learning, decentralization, network effects, computational thinking, and the dynamism of startups. Dan is a director of a tech merchant bank for 15 years, developed investment signals for hedge funds for 9 years, founded NEAI, Beacon Angels, and a venture fund. He started work as an analyst at JP Morgan Investments in 1997 after graduating from Princeton University.

  • Manfredi de Filippo

    Manfredi is a graduate of King’s College London and University College London, an experienced investor and fund manager with strong legal and software operations backgrounds; he is also the founder of Edufront, a leading education technology provider focused on India and South East Asia.

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