Delivering objective financial truths through Al

Harness the best financial technology has to offer

Deep learning powered Al, combined with an expertise in sourcing the best and most innovative datasets to drive better decision making, strategic execution and performance for investment professionals.

Artificial Inteligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Inteligence and machine learning are transformative technologies in an ever envolving market. Companies that exploit these tools can take advantage of better information and valuable insights, at comparatively low marginal costs.

Xynon integrates an entire suite of products and tailored services into your existing operations so that analysis and data-driven insight are woven throughout your organization.

Xynon uniquely employs Al and Machine Learning integration by combining data sourcing with a pipeline deployment infrastructure. Our engineers can customize, deploy, improve, and assess end-to-end platform capabilities combined with continuously improving new sources of data, algorithms, and data pipelines to maintain an edge.

Augmenting Human Insights

Data-driven insights add to human intelligence, lead to better decisions, and result in augmented organizations. Humans drive the system, define goals, ask complex questions, interpret answers, and shape the network of data pipelines and controls.

“We discover and deliver information advantages by using machine learning as a tool to gain understanding and make better decisions. This is achieved by enhancing human intelligence and push expertise and labor onto computational platforms that can handle more input data than humans, without the need for rest.”

-Dan Von Kohorn, Co-Founder of Xynon.

Our Product

Xynon’s Al sofware for thesis generation and risk rating was developed over 15 years, four funds and has been used to manage over $5 billion in assets.

Services & Solutions

Specific needs require custom solutions. Xynon offers a wide range of solutions and cutting edge technical expertise relating to Al, data and investing.

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